What is Torching Igloos?

I started this as an informative site to help an above average computer user discover some cool new tweaks for life, computers, and anything else that I deem worthy. By building this site, instead of having to explain a cool method a million times to a million different people, I can just post the discovery here so all of the “cool kids” can check it out. Feel free to add creative computer tweaks that relate. If it’s dumb I’ll just delete it, or not approve it…and then probably make fun of you. If there’s anything you would like to see, or would like me to look into (some cool computer trend you heard of but you’re afraid will kill your computer), let me know. I’m down for attempting pretty much anything as long as it doesn’t get me arrested, or destroy my computer (I have another one though so I guess that’s kinda ok haha). Things I’m not big into: hacking, spam, harassment, gay porn, anything that’s disgusting and not funny (if it’s disgusting but funny, we’re ok though), kids stuff, religious and/or political stuff (same thing), chick stuff (sorry ladies). If it’s technology related and not geeky or boring (this includes anything Star Trek…ulch!), I’m probably gonna dig it. Stuff I’m totally into: Old-school video game arcades and consoles, Linux (but not the super advanced nerdy crap), HTPC (if you don’t know what that is you probably shouldn’t be reading this site), Media servers and media center software, PC Gaming systems, software and tweaks (including server alternatives and fixes, modding, mapping, skinning), Music (especially if it ROCKS!), New and future internet trends (not the crap the kids are into…the stuff kids will be into 6 months from now). I’m also down with anything that is just straight up HILARIOUS (ie. Tucker Max, Maddox, Cyanide & Happiness, Texts From Last Night, Real Ultimate Power). Be fun, and enjoy!


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